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Implemented Amemoid Widget

Posted by (A|E)ddie at Oct 31, 2010 04:00 PM |

I just have added widget for Amemoid. This widget shows a part of the note which you write on Amemoid. I add this widget to use as TODO list thing.

Anyways, It's pretty difficult that explain the added function to users. Especially if it's an Android app, has not enough space (both disk and display) for help manuals.

I hope that every user comes to Amemoid web site, and check the manual. However clearly this is not the best way for user experience.

Hmm, I realized that apps from Google Labs has a feature which shows 4, 5 slides for first instruction guide. I think this is a good idea. Why don't I implement this on my apps? No reason.

Also I should put a website link on menu as a help of Amemoid.

Ok, now I have to do a lot for Amemoid. It's really fun to develop apps. I can't stop. lol

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