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What's Amemoid

Amemoid is a note application for Android. This app is specialized to make a note as possible as fast and simple.

What's New


Added filter feature and search/replace feature. Please see How to use section for detail.
Added confirmation when import and export.
Fixed a bug when first widget loading.


Added widget feature. Please see How to use section for detail.


Amemoid is published on the official Android market. You can get it by search Amemoid and get it.

How to use

  • Edit the note
    To edit the note, select Edit from menu. You can also edit the note by double tap or right to left flick.
  • Save the note
    The note will save automatically. You do not need to do any action to save.
  • Speech input
    To append the text to note by speech, select Speech from the menu. You can also activate this function by using left to right flick.
  • Backup the note
    To backup the note, select Export from menu.
    To restore the note, select Import from menu.
    NOTE: You will lost your current note, when restoring.
  • Using widget
    Widget shows a part of the note. The part is above from the line which is set at Widget Splitter at Preference menu.
    Also you can start Amemoid to tap the widget. Default value of Widget Splitter is '---'.
    NOTE: Widget shows only 10 lines and limited width.

    Sample - Widget Splitter is '---' -
    Note contentsWidget shows

    This is a test txt.
    If the text contains Widget Splitter, Widget shows the text from top to Widget Splitter line.
    Above lines will be shown.
    Below lines will not be shown.
    No matter the text has how many lines.

    This is a txt.
    If the text...
    Above lines...

    This is a test txt.
    If the text doesn't contain any Widget Splitter, Widget doesn't show any.



  • Filter
    To filter the note, please select Preference from the menu. You can enable the filter, check Enable Filter. If filter is enabled, the note looks like it contains only the lines which has the word that is set at Filter String.
    If you want to use regular expression for Filter String, check Regular Expression Filter. This regular expression does not apply to the whole note but each lines.
  • Search/Replace
    When editing the note, you can search and replace by selecting Search/Replace from the menu.


  • Where is the note saved at?
    The note is stored as memo.txt at the application directory.
  • Where is the exported note saved at?
    The note is exported as Amemoid.txt at the root directory of SD card. The name was Amenoid.txt before ver0.81.
  • I need this feature!!!
    Please e-mail to I might implement the feature.
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